Psychometric Assessment Test (PAR)

Psychometric tests include a wide array of evaluation tools that measure one's knowledge, abilities, motivation, attitudes and personality and educational measurement.


The test can either be used by individuals to understand themselves and improve their relationships in life or companies to understand their employees, promotion or recruitment purposes.


For job selection processes, the recruiters want to discover how good a candidate is in terms of: 

  • Do you have the right skills and experience?

  • Do you have the required enthusiasm and motivation?

  • Are you going to fit in, in terms of your personality, attitude and general work style?

Our Psychometric tests comprise of:

a. Personality test- designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup. 

These will be tested at different levels: -


  • Middle Level Managerial- For candidates without managerial/ supervisory experience. 

  • Managerial Level- For Candidates with managerial/ supervisory experience. 

b. Aptitude tests- assess potential in some target area, seeking to discover possible future capability. These tests will include: Numerical tests and Verbal reasoning Tests


Employers need to accurately assess both present and future employees - their personalities, capabilities and competencies. In doing so, one needs to select appropriate assessment techniques which must be conducted by impartial, insightful, qualified psychologists and psychometrics.Work Dynamics also offer the wide range of cutting-edge online tools as provided by Cubiks. Services include:Job analysis & competency profiling.

Getting the right person for the job requires an understanding of the job. Work Dynamics develops the job description and competency framework and conducts a competency profiling of the position. Selection Our multi-method assessment approach for selection includes bespoke competency-based exercises, psychometric assessments and testing, competency-based interviews and reference checking. 

Talent management Using competency-based and psychometric assessments, we assist employees in managing their careers by identifying skills and competency gaps, preparing them for higher level positions and thereby facilitating the development of organizational succession planning. We also provide expert advice on career planning and help to draw up 
For inquiries about our tests, call +254 798 298 534 or chat us live from the website.

Costs Implecations:

The cost of carrying out the psychometric test includes: (Kindly ask for the costs in your local currency)

1. Physical invigilation here at our offices -From  $58 to $68 depending on the job position

2. Online Invigilation, test sent as an attachment via your email - From $49 to $57 depending on the job position.

Note: The Tests done under both physical  and online invigilation are the same and the difference in pricing under physical invigilation is due to the use of our board room, internet and computer systems.

Payments can be made through Mpesa Paybill Account or direct Mpesa, deposit or bank Account (Ask for the details)

We also have western union/Money gram for international clients (Ask for details)

The psychometric test takes 2 hours to be done then you receive the certificate in one hour upon test completion. 

Important note: 

The test can be done through Physical invigilation where you come to our office, make a booking, then within 48 hours depending on the amount of work to be handled at the moment, we should have allocated you a work station where you do the test and obtain the certification (ask for the schedule)  


through online invigilation which can be done anytime from anywhere, what we need is your email address through which we send you the test, Job position making you do the test and confirmation of your payment, after which you are sent the test, you do it within two hours of opening the attachment then wait for the certificate in an hours time. The report for the test results is sent to your email as a certificate summary in PDF Format within one hour of your results submission..