In some organizations, the feeling of doom happens once a year, in most organizations twice a year and in a few others more regularly than that. You just have to walk into a government office where the performance management process is still compliance-driven and paper-based to see the despondence on the face of the person pushing the trolley with all the paper. In general, performance management is viewed as a necessary evil and most people dread the process.


We help in these cases,

Our expert knowledge and experience assists our clients to:

stimulate, direct and manage or control meaningful contributions from their 

employees, thereby focusing the efforts of many behind key organizational objectives.

Typically, this involves:

  • A strong link with the organizations overall business strategy

  • A supportive organizational climate and integration with organizational values

  • Positive employee engagement

  • A consistent, transparent, enterprise-wide approach Integration with the total talent management process, as well as a direct link to career management and training and development

Performance management is a managed process that has;

  • Shared ownership

  • Automation of the process 

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